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Tziporah Heller, a popular Torah teacher in Jerusalem, writes: The feminist movement stemmed from women feeling disempowered.

Men clearly controlled (and still control) the reins of power in the political, financial and judicial spheres, which determine most of the obvious facets of personal and societal existence.

In all these delicate situations, the women's ability to perceive the reality of a person or situation determined the course of Jewish history.

Thus, defined Judaically, the issue is not whether women should or should not have power, but rather on the kind of power on which they should concentrate, both for their individual development as well as for the good of the whole society.

In 1948, a car bomb exploded in front of the Palestine Post (later the Jerusalem Post) on Havatzelet Street in Jerusalem.

A stolen British police pickup loaded with half a ton of TNT pulled up in front of the Post building.

As an act of ultimate defiance, the Post published an edition the next morning, albeit reduced in size to two pages.

Arab violence intensified leading up to Israel's independence: A few weeks later, three trucks carrying explosives blew up on Jerusalem's Ben Yehuda Street, destroying buildings and killing 56 Jews; two weeks later another car bomb blew up at the Jewish Agency building in Jerusalem, killing 13 people.

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God told her that the two children she carried, Jacob and Esau, were struggling within her, and prophesied that this struggle would be an eternal one.

Rampant crime, child abuse, kidnapping, and the dramatic rise in violence against women are symptoms of a society gone amok, where many people have no concept of right and wrong, of honesty, fairness, compassion or self-control.

Today's internal decadence is eroding the quality of life in America as fast as external political and technological advances are improving it.

Five minutes later, a second car pulled up: Its driver lit the fuse and drove away. The bomb destroyed the printing press; its aim was to stop the growing international influence of Jerusalem's only English language newspaper.

(Further, since most Israeli newspapers were published in Tel Aviv, the Post was the only source of news in Jerusalem during the Arab siege.) The bombing was perpetrated by the Arab militia, assisted by former British soldiers.

At some points in history, Jacob would triumph; at other times, Esau would triumph.

“You pretend to be a victim and string them along, try to get them to waste as much of their time, money, and resources as you can,” he says.… continue reading »

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She was shocked to learn that her former best friend Jessica would be playing the game as well.… continue reading »

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