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We gain experience, but become somewhat fixed in our decision making patterns.

The table of cognitive ability by university was entertaining, but remember that the results are reflective of gender differences — men do a lot better on the CRT, which probably explains some of MIT’s big advantage (not that I don’t think they’re all brilliant).

On a side note, I remember reading that (1) smoking is negatively correlated with education (a proxy for intelligence?

), and (2) that smokers generally *over*-estimate their risk for lung cancer (they believe the odds are higher than they actually are), but (3) choose to smoke anyhow (I think this was a citation of a Viscusi study in either Bennett & Di Lorenzo’s _Cancerscam_ or Jacob Sullum’s _For Your Own Good_). This study shows that men do better on famous brainteasers than women.

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It makes sense for men to take more risks as a reproductive strategy.

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