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How does Paul get the point he made out of Genesis if it isn't true?Peter Enns believes the problem is related to the way Paul interpreted and used the Old Testament.Enns prefers the term "christotelic" which refers to the idea that Christ is the completion of the Old Testament or the end toward which the Old Testament story was headed.Regarding Adam, Enns writes, "Paul's Adam is a vehicle by which he articulates the gospel message, but his Adam is still the product of a creative handling of the story." Paul presents Adam as a historical person, and then makes the further creative claim that Adam's sin is the reason we all sin.Enns believes "that the NT authors [subsumed] the OT under the authority of the crucified and risen Christ." However, Jesus never referred to the Old Testament in a way that showed the Old Testament incorrect as it stood.Even His "but I say to you" in the Sermon on the Mount appears to be more a matter of teaching the depths of the laws than a correction of the Old Testament text.In Romans chapter 5, the apostle Paul says sin, condemnation, and death came through the act of a man, Adam. , 17, and 18, a connection is made between the "one man" through whom sin came and the "all" to whom it was spread.This is contrasted with the act of another man, Jesus, which brought grace and righteousness. If sin really didn't come in through the "one"—Adam—and spread to the "all"—you and me—how do we take seriously Paul's further declaration that "one man's act of righteousness leads to justification and life for all"?

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However, Paul's first point, that sin came through Adam to the race (Rom. The following truth, about righteousness coming through Christ, is beside the point here.However, if there were no historical Adam, where did sin come from? He just doesn't know how this situation came about. Second, there is a piling on of error in Paul's claim.The fact that Adam didn't exist, Enns believes, does nothing to take away from Paul's main point, namely, that salvation comes only through Christ for all people, both Jews and Gentiles. One of Enns' foundational beliefs is that God used human understanding to convey His truths in Scripture.Paul delivered a false teaching based upon a non-historical myth. It does nothing to buttress his claim about Christ. one of the more pressing and inevitable philosophical and theological issues before us." One has to wonder, though: if Paul didn't have the answer, and he was taught by Christ directly, and if the rest of Scripture is silent about such an important matter, can we really think we can ferret out the solution ourselves?

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Enns says that this matter of the origin of sin is "a vital issue to work through, . The use of the Old Testament in the New Testament is of great significance in this matter.Paul lived in an era which is now called Second Temple Judaism.

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