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The head of the penis and the clitoris start out as the same tissue in the womb, for example. We don't get fake genitals to practice on, but we do get lollipops, and the other pupils are insistent on getting their favorite flavors (chocolate and blueberry), so much so that only cherry and pomegranate are options by the time the bowl gets to us.

They show us a few ways to use your tongue — flat, pointed, slow circles — and ask us to demonstrate on the lollipop.

Jackson hat that he doesn't take off the whole time.

Otherwise everyone's in their 20s or maybe early 30s. As someone who would feel like a creep showing up at a cunnilingus class by myself, I salute these people. Then say what you just did." At this, she does a pretty good mock announcer voice and describes a hypothetical finger-in-anus situation as an example, which makes the whole class giggle and nod in agreement.

“One of the sexiest things a guy has ever said to me was ‘get comfortable,’” says Los Angeles-based sex expert and radio host Lora Somoza.

They really pulled it off."Talk like a sportscaster," suggests the instructor. I realize they're using their own oral strategy on us (communicating to eliminate surprises) and it is totally working. I'm warming up to the whole situation despite the use of phrases like "throwing up on a dick" (in regard to why they don't recommend using numbing spray in your mouth), explicit use of an anatomically correct giant vagina and the instructor's enthusiastic dildo blowjob demonstrations.

But just as I'm feeling like this whole thing is way less awkward than I thought it would be, I look over at my girlfriend. Her only quote of the evening has been to tell me, "You're doing that wrong, idiot," much to the delight of the middle-aged woman next to us, when I tried to form a rudimentary hand vagina (just a C-shape with my hand, as far as I could tell) to practice licking.

You can't expect 10 minutes of oral sex—especially a half-assed attempt—to rock her world.

It takes her longer to get comfortable (let's face it, it's not the most flattering position), and revved up.

After a break for much-needed Prosecco, we jump right back into oral sex and anilingus.