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The point of these criticisms was presumably not Mao's idea that opposites are trans formed into one another as such — since, as indicated by a quotation in paragraph 5 of “On Contradiction,” Lenin, too, had spoken in these terms — but the nature of the examples chosen, which evoked all too clearly the old dialectics.

(Because of the very large numbers of editions, both English and Chinese, of “On Contradiction” now about, I have identified citations to this work, here and elsewhere, by the paragraph in which they appear rather than by the page number, with the thought that this would make it easier for the reader to locate them.) The above passage includes the full text of paragraphs 21 and 22 of the Sixty Articles on Work Methods, as given in an untitled collection of Mao's writings and speeches distributed by Richard Sorich of Columbia University.

In the history of the Chinese communist movement, the re-emergence of the term “permanent” or “uninterrupted” revolution is clearly associated with the Great Leap Forward of 1958.

It is then that the concept was first put forward once more after an eclipse of 30 years, and though it has since been employed from time to time, the most important articles on the subject were published in 19.

His colleague Levine is a senior research associate at the Mansfield Center at the University of Montana who used both Russian and Chinese sources in his pathbreaking study of the Chinese Communists’ early Civil War victories.

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The statue is sited on the same spot, but faces in the wrong direction.Indeed, a major problem of writing a life of a man who lived on the grand scale is the plethora of sources.In Chinese, the enormous “official” life is essential reading, too full of detail to be neglected; there is also a three-volume chronology of the Chairman’s life; and multiple sources, official and unofficial, for his writings and speeches; the memoirs, biographies, and chronologies of Mao’s major colleagues; along with the reminiscences of his principal mistress and almost every minor functionary who ever had contact with the Chairman.Important new material is also available in English translation.

Their subtitle is “The Real Story.”Their biography uses the new sources extensively, but the authors highlight privileged access to the very important and voluminous Soviet sources as the special mark of their work, and seemingly they exploited the Russian archives more thoroughly than Chang and Halliday.11 of Chapter II of the lectures on dialectical materialism.

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