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The rule of the people over the rule of kings and queens.

The rule by All successful nations in the world, whether Japan, Korea, Germany, Singapore, USA or Israel, have had a common thread running through them ‒ that is resilient patriotic national consciousness which gave them the identity, spirit, cohesion and mome Climate change has posed many threats to the world and these threats seem to be increasing gradually.

That requires the leader to surround himself with people who could help create the culture he desires.The real meaning of independence is the freedom we the people of this land gained from the British Empire.What we must really celebrate is the victory of democracy over monarchy.CURRENT SCHEDULE OF COURSES FOR 2017(Click on specific Course Name links below for additional information)This one-and-a-half-day course is designed to prepare the participant to take the API RP 580 Riskbased Inspection (RBI) Certification Examination.

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Current API 510, 570 or 653 certifications automatically qualifies individuals to take the API 580 Risk Based Inspection certification exam otherwise a combination of education and experience is used.

This 2.5-day course utilizes the latest training methodologies and uses a combination of lecture, examination, and group auditing to ensure each participant is able to analyze properly, audit, document, and report findings, concerns, and observations.