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29-Feb-2016 20:23

The mistake is still on the books, but with people like Elizabeth Warren fighting in Congress, there is a chance that it may be dealt with someday.

Judge Lee's wife Carole told me that for one of his birthdays, Lee's children arranged for the judge to spend the day with his hero, folk singer Pete Seeger.

Many people, like me, were thrilled when Elizabeth Warren was elected to the United States Senate and would like her to change her mind and run for president.

She has the personality needed to be in public office and bring attention to a number of causes, and people, who are being overlooked.

After I read his opinion, I told Judge Lee that if he left the judiciary, I would hire him as a consultant in a second.

He stayed on the federal bench until the day he died.

For a while I thought the judge did not care for me. We became great friends when we did get to know each other. I had a situation when the former romantic interest of a woman I was dating decided to confront me in the vacant parking structure.

One of my federal prosecutor friends told me that Judge Lee was extremely shy and had a lot of things on his mind. (This was a good strategic move, as they got back together.) During the tense buildup, I kept hoping Judge Lee would come walking along, but wondered later if he would notice or say anything if he did.

Worked their way up from rural, working-class roots to become one of the nation's most respected experts in the world of bankruptcy law. A prolific author of over 40 books and publications.

Judge Lee had the demeanor and personality of a federal judge.